About Esly Carvalho

Esly, the Trainer and Teacher

Esly Carvalho is the Founder and Director of the TraumaClinic Group. She is the author of many books, some of which have hit Amazon Bestsellers' lists, such as Healing the Folks Who Live Inside,(reviewed in the Journal of EMDR Practice and Research (2013) and Heal Your Brain, Heal Your Body

As a Brazilian-American clinical psychologist, she has accumulated over 40 years of experience in clinical practice in several countries and languages (English, Portuguese, and Spanish). Esly is a certified trainer of EMDR therapy (EGN), Brainspotting (Brainspotting Institute) and Psychodrama (American Board of Examiners in Psychodrama, Sociometry and Group Psychotherapy, which she passed with distinction). 

Her decades-long experience in implementing the EMDR movement, TraumaClinic Model for Basic Training in Brazil, has been published in the Journal of EMDR Practice and Research, (2023) and her Adult EMDR Drawing Protocol was published in the book, Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR) Scripted Protocols: Basics and Special Situations. 

From 2004, to the present time, Esly has been involved in expanding the use and training of EMDR therapy around the world. She has been instrumental, directly or indirectly, in the implementation of this approach initially in Brasil and Latin America (Ecuador, Bolivia, Costa Rica, Venezuela) as well as Spain and Portugal. Robbie Dunton (Executive Director, EMDR Institute) once described her as the "Mother of EMDR Latin America" (personal communication, 2013) . 

In digital world that was ushered in by the pandemic, the TraumaClinic Basic Training Model was taken to Angola and Moçambique (online), and other Portuguese-speaking countries are on the list. 

Esly has taken her international vision to a new level, by developing programs (PIPA and REINA) that use low-intensity EMDR/AIP group interventions for implementation in many countries of the world, including Ethiopia where PIPA has been translated into Amharic and Tigray. More recently, with the war situations she has trained professionals in Poland, Ukraine and Israel.

Esly, the Author

Helping people overcome the challenges of life. That's what I've been doing for over 30 years now. Although the love affair with psychotherapy probably started much earlier, I distinctly remember the first time I put a foot on a Psychodrama stage and thought to myself, "Self. You were born to do this thing". And you know what? I was. So I got trained to do it.

Eventually, I trained others to do it. It was such a great way to teach. People really got it. They walked away with skills. I grew up in two different countries, two different cultures and two different languages. Sometimes it got really difficult, but the balance was positive: I learned them both so well I became a native speaker of both English and Portuguese. As if that wasn't enough of a challenge, I moved to Ecuador with a young daughter and learned Spanish!  

While I was there, I got married to this wonderful Canadian guy who got moved around a lot. I went along because he was worth it. As a result, I got more training in how to overcome the challenges of life. Some of it was up front and center. I was the one learning it for my own life. But some of challenge-training was professional. It came in the form of opportunities to learn by doing, in jobs, consultancy, courses and volunteer work.

And then I started writing. I had started writing so I wouldn't go insane during a nasty divorce from my first husband. I had to write or I would explode. That's when I wrote, "When the Bond Breaks". I found a voice I didn't know I had. Some of it was hard work, but I learned to enjoy it. I didn't always know where it was coming from, but I knew it was sacred. I just had to keep doing it. I couldn't stop.

With time, writing turned into articles. The articles turned into books. I never thought I could write long enough to get a whole book done. But I did. And then other books poured out. It was funny how some came out in one language and others in another. So I translated them. And then folks wanted them in the third language, so I got that done, too. So now you know how it happened.  

What do I write about? I write about how we can overcome the challenges of life. Some of it is professional, but most of it is written for the gal/guy next door, so they can figure out what to do with their life, where to go for help, what kind of help is out there. Sometimes I will tell you - but not too often - what I went through. What I'm going through. That's when I bleed a little. Most of the time, I tell other people's stories. Those are sacred, too; especially sacred, because we walked through the valley of the shadow of death together and came out on the other side.

You want to know how to overcome the challenges of life? Read some of my books. You just might find something there for you.

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